Brooke was a woman from the Tides tribe. She loved Perry, and often spoke to him about the two of them becoming the ruling couple, if he became Blood Lord.

Appearance Edit

Brooke is described as pretty with light blonde hair and blue eyes. She is also lean with muscle.

Life Edit

Brooke grew up in the Tides' tribe. She liked Perry since they were young (age unknown), but it is said in the Brooke prequel that Perry and Brooke were sitting next to each other and Brooke accidentally bumped Perry's leg. He pulled it away, but Brooke leaned in and kissed him. After that everyone assumed they were a couple. Also in the prequel, it says that Perry was just as crazy for Brooke she was for Perry at one point, but then he started not liking her that way and just wanted to be friends.

Personality Edit

Many people think she is stubborn and doesn't give up at getting her way. She is also very competitive, and very skilled with a bow and arrow. She can sometimes be a little pushy if she doesn't get what she wants, though.

Relationships Edit

Clara - Clara is Brooke's younger sister, and is about Talon's age. Brooke would do anything for her sister, and is very protective of her since she was kidnapped by Dwellers.

Peregrine - Perry and Brooke had a small relationship, but it mainly consisted of Brooke chasing after him. After she kissed him everyone assumed they were together. She also says that Perry was crazy for her at some point, but it didn't last long.

Roar - Roar and Brooke are just friends, and talk about Liv and Perry quite a bit when it is just them together. Roar also encourages her to keep on going after Perry even though Roar knows there is no chance of Perry loving her.

Aria - Brooke started off hating Aria because she was a Dweller, and gossiped about her a lot. Then she hated Aria even more after she found out Perry and Aria were a couple. But Brooke tried her best not to hate Aria and they were starting to become good friends at the end of the last book, Into The Still Blue.

Soren - Though there is much talk about Brooke and Soren being a couple, no one knows for sure if they were just good friends or were becoming more than that at the end of Book Three. It is said that when they were all sitting around the campfire, Brooke and Soren are sitting closer than usual, and Soren couldn't stop smiling when he was talking to her.