Lumina is Aria's mother. She was a genetic scientist for the pods and loved Aria dearly.

Biography: Edit

Lumina's favorite aria was from Tosca, an ancient Italian opera. Lumina was a genetic scientist, and actually studied Outsider children, such as Talon. She said to Aria, in the Songbird file, that the limbic systems of the brains of people in the pods weren't working well, and that that was what she studied. She saw outsiders as a genetic soultion. Lumina met Aria's father doing this, and so Aria is half outsider. 

Under The Never Sky: Edit

Lumina lived in a pod with Aria until she was called away for important work. She flew to Bliss, another pod, and, sadly, Bliss was destroyed by Aether storms while she was there. The power went down, but Lumina managed to get a file labeled "Songbird" through to Aria. Aria didn't actually listen to the video in the file until much, much, later, when Marron has fixed Aria's Smarteye. 

Appearance: Edit

Lumina had dark hair. She always wore it pulled back from her face. At one point she was described as having a doctor's smock with a smooth color.

Personality: Edit

As Consul Hess said Lumina is very persuasive.

Relationships: Edit

Aria - Aria and her mother were quite close. Lumina called Aria Songbird because Aria had a beautiful voice.